Monday, July 22, 2013

The Issues with Petting or Posing with Cubs

What is the truth about petting cubs at fairs, malls, and sometimes even parking lots? The truth is these petting sessions are abusive. Many of these sessions you must pay 5$ to pet cubs like tigers, bears, and cheetahs. Most of these cubs are from road-side zoos that don't have proper food or shelter. The exhibitor often claims that these cubs are at a legal age where the public can pet them but they usually are not, most are too young or too old.

These exhibitors seem to have thousands of cubs, the reason for this is they continually buy and breed cats. Which means the mother and cub are often stressed because for the cubs to be exhibited they must be separated from their mother usually a few days after birth. The mother still has these instincts to care and nurture her cubs, but because the need for more and more cubs she must continue having cubs and then they must be taken away. And with so many cameras and flashes in their face they can't sleep, cubs need to sleep most of the day and they cannot because the exhibitor needs them awake for photos and "play time". It also makes their eye sight bad when they grow up. Almost all of the cubs have health problems because of inbreeding and diseases they were prone to because of the lack of healthy food and shelter. Breeders often say they breed them for the conservation of their species in the wild but how are they helping the species if the cubs are never going to end up in the wild and instead they are going to spend their life in a cage. They also say they breed them for education purposes but what are you teaching people that these cubs are being dominated by people or how they aren't showing natural behaviors because we as people have interfered?

Where do they go when their older?
Most of the cubs are sold as pets, canned hunts, or are used in the illegal animal parts trade. Almost none of them go back to the place they were raised at because of constant lack of money, good food, shelter, and space for the animals.

You can help save these animals by going to or

The bottom line is that these cats will always be in cages and will never see the wild unless we stop these abusive actions


  1. I do hate when people have big cats as pets- really any wild animal. I love how you support big cats! When I read this page my heart sunk. I had to reminded about the terrible way these cubs are treated! The owners have to think about the cubs, not just the money! And the fact that they can not sleep, is terrible! All babies including animals NEED sleep! If I were to adopt a cub, I would give it a large habitat, enough food, lots of sleep, love, and I definitely would not treat it like a pet! If big cats have bad eyesight as you know that is terrible! Not only for the big cat, but for their owners. If the poor big cat is blind and it can hear, he might try to attack by not knowing what comes close. I did help big cats. I donated my own money to help save big cats. I love your blog! BIG CATS!

  2. I will definitely recommend your grand work on my blog.

  3. Maddy, it is like the eighteenth time I read this and I just want to say that these people do not know where they keep their brains. I mean really, "play time", no sleep, no mom!!!!!???? NO PROPER FOOD!? If you keep cats you should be ashamed of yourself. On the other hand Maddy, you should pat you back. Great job as always!
    - Brinley