Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fur Coats

The Truth About Fur.
Most big cats are killed for their fur this is often cruel and unfair for these animals who are victims of this crime. These animals are killed and used for their fur just for fashion. Exotics are often popular for fur coats because of their unique or diffrent patterns. Fur was most popular in the 1900's when only the rich and famous could afford the best clothes and fur happened to be it. Other people looked to them and wanted to be them so they would spend thousands on fur coats, hats, dresses, and more.
The more people bought these clothes the more the stores asked  the manufacutors to get more fur. So the suppliers bred these animals in fur farms these animal were in the tiny enclousures with barely food or water, where thousands of animals would be bred and killed for their fur but the suppliers needed even more than that so they would get hunters to go in to the animals territory and sell the dead animal to the suppliers where they would use the animals fur as coats.
 Most of these animals involved would soon become endangered like the snow leopard they are nearly extinct because of over hunting. Did you know it takes 100-200 chinchillas, 18-15 lynxs, 10-25 foxes, 16-25 bobcats, 12-18 ocelots, and so many other animals are killed to make one fur coat. Why do people not where fake fur those who do may have saved thousands of lives already. To save these animals who can not speak for themselves do not buy fur or suppoort places that sell fur. For more info to save these animals go to or  It may be in fashion but not for the animals that lose their life. 
Don't Where Fur! 


  1. Why don't you ever post or add photo's from your camp experience?

  2. I will NEVER EVER in my whole life even think about wearing fur! Killing animals for fashion? What a cruel thing! If they do breed these animals, care for them and release them! Populate the population! If they sent me to get fur I would make a speech. I would say " killing animals for fur? What a cruel and ridiculous thing! I can not believe you cruel people that wear fur! We do not need fur to keep us satisfied! We can copy these animals prints! I think I will breed and release. Not breed and kill! So I refuse. I will not get fur. Never. And I will never be a trespasser in an animals territory. So go find clothes elsewhere. And not fur!" I know they are killed for fashion and I want to put shame over the people who wear fur. I admire you when you blog about things like this. Great work!