Friday, November 18, 2011

Exotic Animals on the Loose in Ohio!!!

Exotic animals on the loose in Ohio! Forty-nine animal deaths in Ohio when these exotic animals were on the loose. This all started when a man bought exotic animals after buying a few he became an animal hoarder, owning more than fifty animals. Not only was it unsafe for him and the public, it became an extreme case of animal cruelty. This whole thing could have been avoided, by having more laws to protect these animals from people privatly owning them. Did you that only 18 states ban big cats as being privatly owned, in the U.S? The man who had raised these animals from birth set them free, soon after commited sucide. After the animals being loose people reported to the police they'd seen wild tigers, bears, wolves, and other exotic animals. The animals were hard to tranquilize and took a lot of time considering they were running on adrenaline. They were then forced to shoot and kill all of the other animals. If private ownership were banned that would make all the innocent lives killed in incidents liked this be abolished. Please Stop Private Ownership in the U.S. by going to or


  1. It was an ok idea to set them free but a terrible one to even purchase an animal! Did you know in Ohio POLICE shot tigers? It makes me want to say a bad work and smash them. I would never do that though. It is not fair or safe that these exotic animals are owned. If you want to blame somewhere for animals that are mistreated, start with Ohio! I totally agree that it is cruel good work.