Monday, October 17, 2011


A jaguar is a big cat that lives in the jungles of South America. A jaguar 7 feet in length and weighs from 150 to 200 pounds. They have large black rosettes or spots. Their coat color is black or yellow simmilar to leopards, it's closest cousin. Jaguars are very energic unlike most other big cats. And they use a completly diffrent hunting ways instead of breaking the neck they break or pierce the skull with their strong jaw. They eat deer, wild pig, rodents, etc. They live to 11-12 years in the wild. They climb trees and spend alot of the time in a tree. These cats need our help. Jaguar's face deforestaion and are losing their habitat. And when they go back to what used to be their territory towns have been placed there and hunters kill them saying they are a danger. Farmers also shoot them in the open because they are afraid the jaguars will eat their livestock. And jaguars often think that the livestock is easy prey. People also kill jaguars for their rare coat. About 18,000 jaguars are killed a year by people. In the 1970's many people started to where fur coats and they were hunted to almost extiction for more info go to or        

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