Saturday, August 20, 2011

Snow Leopard Lives!

The snow leopard is considered inbetween the smaller part of the big cat family like the mountain lions and the greater cats like the tiger, they are inbetween because they can't roar or purr. But the snow leopard has closest realationship with the tiger. The spots on the snow leopard give it the best camouflage in it's mountain terrain. And since the Big cats have one of the best adaptaions, for the snow leopard it's adaptations are larger nasel cavity, a tail over 3 feet long, shortened ribs, great chest muscles, and long hair. Their habitat has meadows, rocky mountains, and forest areas in Asia. Their food commonly is wild birds, sheep, goats, pikas, hares, and every 2 weeks it will most likely take down huge prey.
They are Endangered animals. Their are 4,000 to 7,500 of these cats left in the wild. some of these reasons are because it is extremily harsh living areas. Like all cats easy meals are not easy to come by, but livestock is and they usually die from the livestock owner shooting them as "pests".  Even when they are protected in most countries they inhabit but they are still killed. The main reason is the over hunting people have done, for their fur and body part. And these coats were sold for $50,000. And the new demand for the traditional chinese medicines which instead of tiger bones they have snow leopard's. And the last reason is the "conservation" being done in captivity.
 Most zoos say they are helping the ones in the wild by breeding when how does it help when they are stuck in a cage all their life and will soon breed them so much they will soon have to much of one gene and this is a "surplus" cat. which may make this cat discarded or moved away untill the other bloodlines can catch up. Which is another reason why these cats should not be bred for life in a cage. 

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