Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Big Cat Summer Camp For 2011!

During my big cat summer camp it was a lot of fun. Even though it was mainly about cats we also learned  about many other animals. Where you can do all these camps is at Big Cat Rescue. The first cat that we saw was a tiger, this tiger is playing with a giant plastic ball it is a type of enrichment that is used for the cats so life is better in a cage then a boring life in captivity, where in the wild they would roam 100's of miles a day if they please where in captivitty they are stuck in cages. Where Big Cat Rescue tries to help animals that were abused, kept as pets, retired circus animals, etc.

Next we saw some other cats and animals...

Many of the cats were very sleepy...
Then we saw Alex the tiger in his favorite pool!!!

Then we made a lioness named Niketa a very happy day, by making enrichment and that means creating a cardboard Giraffe. The video has 4 parts considering she was very scared that it was there at first. And at one point it looked like they made friends!!! They locked Niketa out in an area so that they could go in her cage safely without her and the keepers being scared or nevous ( also so that they could put the giraffe in as a surprise).
Part 1 of Lioness VS Giraffe!!!

Part 2 of Lioness VS Giraffe!!!

Part 3 of Lioness VS Giraffe!!!

Part 4 Lioness VS Giraffe!!! ( This is when she became EXTREMELY Aggresive ).

That is what happens when any wild animal wants to have or guard anything, in this case the chicken in the Giraffe and the Giraffe.

The next thing we saw was the skull and pelts of animals that have passed away at BCR they are strickly used as research to teach people about the structure and bones in a big cat's body. ( The one on the right is a fishing cat skull and pelt). ( And the one on the left is a tiger pelt and skull ).

We saw operant and conditioning where cats have to do tricks like sit, stand, lay down, etc. So that they can be seen by the vet outside the cage so the cats don't need anaesthesia and be scared in a vets office.

That was the end of the Big Cat summer camp. To sign up for summer camps like this go to or ( But at the moment do not go to the .org site it has a virus.) BE THEIR VOICE!!!!!!!!!

To help these Wonderful cats go to !!! 


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fishing Cat!

What's a fishing cat? They are 15-16 inches tall and weigh between 13-26 pounds. They are found in watery habitats where they can easily find water in India and around throughtout the area. They are one of the only cats to have spots and stripes. Their ears are very small and small white spots in each used for communication mainly for cubs.Their status is Vulnerable which means that they are facing extinction and could be extinct very soon if we do not help these animals. Fishing cats have 1-4 kittens in each litter. Even though their main diet is fish they do eat other small mammals like rodents, wild pigs, etc. This cat is alot like the Bobcats or Flat-Headed Cats. The things that are threatning these cats are excesssive hunting and fishing, pollution, and the wide speard of deforestation. To find out more about helping these animals go to or . Please help these animals and be there voice.