Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wild animals found in a suitcase.

Wild animals were found in a suitcase in a Thailand. These animals were smuggled in to Thailand. Can you even imagine where these animals could have been if they were not found. No one knows why they were smuggled probably soon to be sold as pets, breed for zoos, or used as props. Either way these animals do not deserve to be stuck in a cage all its life where it will soon grow up and end up lost, abandoned, and even dead. They say that these animals were sedated and put in cage and then placed in a suitcase. The person who has these wild animals has a fine of $1,300 and going to jail for 4 years. And another spotted leopard was found and they do not know who it belongs to. These animals could have been sold as $4,000 each. Help stop this abuse for more info on how to help wild animals and bigcats go to  BE THEIR VOICE!!!