Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Cats as Pets

 Wild animals are not pets. The sellers of wild animals say the tigers, ocelots, bears, aligators, etc, are all "tame". No wild animal in the world is tame no matter what any body says every wild animal has the instincts to kill or harm. The question is would the animal want to live in a 6 by 6ft cage or  in the wild with 400 square miles which would the tiger choose? Big cats do not deserve to be in cages for whatever reason. At any moment that animal would snap. Another reason they should not be in cages is people can not fufill the needs that animal needs. The animals are usually used for props or "money makers" and then when they are older they are then killed, abandoned, or are abused as all wild animals are in a cage. Please do not exploit these creatures or have them as pets. As cubs they are taken away from their mothers and don't see them ever again. Do not breed or make pets out of wild animals. Stop the abuse and do not have wild animals as pets. DO NOT support people who have big cats as pets or any wild animal. To help stop the abuse go to BE THEIR VOICE!!!