Friday, January 21, 2011

My 18th time at Big Cat Rescue on a feeding tour!!!

I went to big cat rescue on a feeding tour! It was fun to see how all the cats were with food around!
When I was walking in to Big Cat Rescue I then had found my brick that had my name on it! After that I was greeted by one of the hungry  tigers Simba and Nikktia. They seem to go right and their spots to eat their dinner. They were one of the only cats who didn't growl while they ate.
Tonga was extremely happy to his meat.
He began to jump up to get his meal.

Even though we were not going to feed Nikktia the lioness she still watched us very closely. Mostly at the bucket where the food was. Taking only a few moments to look at us.
When we came by Zabu the white tiger and Cameron the lion. Zabu was fine waiting for her meal. But Cameron was upset he didn't get his at that very second. But when his food was ready we had to quickly walk away, because he was very aggresive by growling.

We also saw Canyon the sand cat!

We then saw some pretty interesting cats.

That was my Big Cat Rescue feeding tour!!! For tours and tour times go to