Friday, November 18, 2011

Exotic Animals on the Loose in Ohio!!!

Exotic animals on the loose in Ohio! Forty-nine animal deaths in Ohio when these exotic animals were on the loose. This all started when a man bought exotic animals after buying a few he became an animal hoarder, owning more than fifty animals. Not only was it unsafe for him and the public, it became an extreme case of animal cruelty. This whole thing could have been avoided, by having more laws to protect these animals from people privatly owning them. Did you that only 18 states ban big cats as being privatly owned, in the U.S? The man who had raised these animals from birth set them free, soon after commited sucide. After the animals being loose people reported to the police they'd seen wild tigers, bears, wolves, and other exotic animals. The animals were hard to tranquilize and took a lot of time considering they were running on adrenaline. They were then forced to shoot and kill all of the other animals. If private ownership were banned that would make all the innocent lives killed in incidents liked this be abolished. Please Stop Private Ownership in the U.S. by going to or

Monday, October 17, 2011


A jaguar is a big cat that lives in the jungles of South America. A jaguar 7 feet in length and weighs from 150 to 200 pounds. They have large black rosettes or spots. Their coat color is black or yellow simmilar to leopards, it's closest cousin. Jaguars are very energic unlike most other big cats. And they use a completly diffrent hunting ways instead of breaking the neck they break or pierce the skull with their strong jaw. They eat deer, wild pig, rodents, etc. They live to 11-12 years in the wild. They climb trees and spend alot of the time in a tree. These cats need our help. Jaguar's face deforestaion and are losing their habitat. And when they go back to what used to be their territory towns have been placed there and hunters kill them saying they are a danger. Farmers also shoot them in the open because they are afraid the jaguars will eat their livestock. And jaguars often think that the livestock is easy prey. People also kill jaguars for their rare coat. About 18,000 jaguars are killed a year by people. In the 1970's many people started to where fur coats and they were hunted to almost extiction for more info go to or        

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Snow Leopard Lives!

The snow leopard is considered inbetween the smaller part of the big cat family like the mountain lions and the greater cats like the tiger, they are inbetween because they can't roar or purr. But the snow leopard has closest realationship with the tiger. The spots on the snow leopard give it the best camouflage in it's mountain terrain. And since the Big cats have one of the best adaptaions, for the snow leopard it's adaptations are larger nasel cavity, a tail over 3 feet long, shortened ribs, great chest muscles, and long hair. Their habitat has meadows, rocky mountains, and forest areas in Asia. Their food commonly is wild birds, sheep, goats, pikas, hares, and every 2 weeks it will most likely take down huge prey.
They are Endangered animals. Their are 4,000 to 7,500 of these cats left in the wild. some of these reasons are because it is extremily harsh living areas. Like all cats easy meals are not easy to come by, but livestock is and they usually die from the livestock owner shooting them as "pests".  Even when they are protected in most countries they inhabit but they are still killed. The main reason is the over hunting people have done, for their fur and body part. And these coats were sold for $50,000. And the new demand for the traditional chinese medicines which instead of tiger bones they have snow leopard's. And the last reason is the "conservation" being done in captivity.
 Most zoos say they are helping the ones in the wild by breeding when how does it help when they are stuck in a cage all their life and will soon breed them so much they will soon have to much of one gene and this is a "surplus" cat. which may make this cat discarded or moved away untill the other bloodlines can catch up. Which is another reason why these cats should not be bred for life in a cage. 

And to find out more go to or . Be their voice!!!                                                                                        

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is Wrong with Wild Animal Exibits?

The first thing is why should animals spend their life in a cage, when in the wild they would roam hundreds of miles if they please. Imagine what the animal has to give up to spend years in a cage even if the owners say its in the best place. Many people say it's just a tiger, or at least it dosen't have to take all that energy to catch an animal in the wild, or it looks likes it in the cage. These are all not true. It is cruel to confine an animal of what it is suppose to do or what it was made to do, to catch animals, to roam the wild, and to be a wild animal. But in captivity it is stuck in a cage where it is therefore unfair. And all the owners have one and only purpose to charge you money for you to see a wild animal and they earn money for cruel behavior. And most of the owners in the end breed the cats for more people come and see the wild animal out of cuteness and the owners usually make a sob story to remove the cubs from the mom just didn't want it, and they had to help it for some strange reason. When they just want people to pay extra money to see it or play with it. Many people say they breed the animals because there are so few in the wild and they must conserve them. This is another lie for you to pay more money, how is more animals in a cage helping the ones in the wild? The answer is it does not help and when it is older it is thrown in a cage and a new cub replaces it. Many people can not see the problem because they say the cats are to cute. And when people come to see the cats they basically pay for more cubs to be born. The law states that a cat has to be a certain weight to be petted and some of the owners of the animals starve the cats to be a certain weight, so people will pay more money. They even will feed their tigers or bears domestic cat food so they will be in extremily under weight and be able tobe petted because it is a certain weight they want.  





Friday, July 8, 2011

What is a Canned Hunt and How Does it Effect Exotic Animals?

A canned hunt is usually the shooting of any exotic animal. Where they kill these animals is on hunting ranches or on game farms. These "Hunters" come and pay these businesses them so they have a guaranteed chance of killing an exotic animal. The business owners also use the animals to breed, sell exotic animals to other canned hunt businesses, or even sell them to exotic pet owners in the area. The hunting ranches usually look for animals that have been around people there whole life, so that when a hunter enters the cage the animals are not afraid of people and the easier to kill. How the people catch the animals is the ranchers put many exotic animals in one small cage so the "Hunters"are definitly going to kill the animal they want. When the ranchers recieve a wild animal they draw the animal in with food into very small transport cage on there own on their way to the ranch where animals that are used to people would be killed, but wild animals are usually killed in there transport cage so that it is easy to kill. These "Hunters" are usually in an illegal ranch where they say they don't hunt endangered animal when they obviously are. The ranchers usually tell you a very sad story about an exotic animal and it is usually about cubs so they have an excuse to get new animals. Then they make you pay a fee to "help it". When they are older they are then placed in a small cage which is a canned hunt so "Hunters" can kill  them. To help these animals just say no to canned hunts. And for more info go to . BE THEIR VOICE!!!!!!!!



Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big Cat Hybrids? Are they good pets?

First what is a big cat hybrid? It is a domestic and a big cat mix, they are cruel and over bred cats. When these cats still have there rude and nasty behavior that any normal big cat would have in the wild. And they are not any bit a good pet they should not even exsist, because they are not intended in the wild. The only people who tell you they are good pets are the breeders who know well they are not, and know that is cruel to breed them, but do it for money purposes only.
 Some people pay over $3,000 for one of these cats or kittens and the money goes to the breeders who use that money to breed thousands more. What these cats do to your home is they spray your house with pee that marks it as there territory and could not come out it will continue marking, bitting even if it is playful, hiss, and ruin household items, etc. Sometimes over 50 cats are killed because they don't have the behavior the breeders wants even though every cat bred will do. You can help get rid of this problem by just not buying these cats, or not helping the breeders breed these cats. If you really love these cats you would try to stop these cats to become pets, it dosen't matter if you think these ctas are tame they will always be stressed from being a cross bred animal. Stop the breeding of these animals.

Examples of cats that are Hybrids: Bengal Cats-Leopard Cats (Leopard cat and domestic cat mix ), Chausie Cat ( Jungle cat and domestic mix ), Savannah Cat ( Serval and domestic mix ), and lastly Safari Cats ( Geoffroy Cat and domestic mix ).


For more info go to .

Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Big Cat Summer Camp For 2011!

During my big cat summer camp it was a lot of fun. Even though it was mainly about cats we also learned  about many other animals. Where you can do all these camps is at Big Cat Rescue. The first cat that we saw was a tiger, this tiger is playing with a giant plastic ball it is a type of enrichment that is used for the cats so life is better in a cage then a boring life in captivity, where in the wild they would roam 100's of miles a day if they please where in captivitty they are stuck in cages. Where Big Cat Rescue tries to help animals that were abused, kept as pets, retired circus animals, etc.

Next we saw some other cats and animals...

Many of the cats were very sleepy...
Then we saw Alex the tiger in his favorite pool!!!

Then we made a lioness named Niketa a very happy day, by making enrichment and that means creating a cardboard Giraffe. The video has 4 parts considering she was very scared that it was there at first. And at one point it looked like they made friends!!! They locked Niketa out in an area so that they could go in her cage safely without her and the keepers being scared or nevous ( also so that they could put the giraffe in as a surprise).
Part 1 of Lioness VS Giraffe!!!

Part 2 of Lioness VS Giraffe!!!

Part 3 of Lioness VS Giraffe!!!

Part 4 Lioness VS Giraffe!!! ( This is when she became EXTREMELY Aggresive ).

That is what happens when any wild animal wants to have or guard anything, in this case the chicken in the Giraffe and the Giraffe.

The next thing we saw was the skull and pelts of animals that have passed away at BCR they are strickly used as research to teach people about the structure and bones in a big cat's body. ( The one on the right is a fishing cat skull and pelt). ( And the one on the left is a tiger pelt and skull ).

We saw operant and conditioning where cats have to do tricks like sit, stand, lay down, etc. So that they can be seen by the vet outside the cage so the cats don't need anaesthesia and be scared in a vets office.

That was the end of the Big Cat summer camp. To sign up for summer camps like this go to or ( But at the moment do not go to the .org site it has a virus.) BE THEIR VOICE!!!!!!!!!

To help these Wonderful cats go to !!! 


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fishing Cat!

What's a fishing cat? They are 15-16 inches tall and weigh between 13-26 pounds. They are found in watery habitats where they can easily find water in India and around throughtout the area. They are one of the only cats to have spots and stripes. Their ears are very small and small white spots in each used for communication mainly for cubs.Their status is Vulnerable which means that they are facing extinction and could be extinct very soon if we do not help these animals. Fishing cats have 1-4 kittens in each litter. Even though their main diet is fish they do eat other small mammals like rodents, wild pigs, etc. This cat is alot like the Bobcats or Flat-Headed Cats. The things that are threatning these cats are excesssive hunting and fishing, pollution, and the wide speard of deforestation. To find out more about helping these animals go to or . Please help these animals and be there voice.    

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wild animals found in a suitcase.

Wild animals were found in a suitcase in a Thailand. These animals were smuggled in to Thailand. Can you even imagine where these animals could have been if they were not found. No one knows why they were smuggled probably soon to be sold as pets, breed for zoos, or used as props. Either way these animals do not deserve to be stuck in a cage all its life where it will soon grow up and end up lost, abandoned, and even dead. They say that these animals were sedated and put in cage and then placed in a suitcase. The person who has these wild animals has a fine of $1,300 and going to jail for 4 years. And another spotted leopard was found and they do not know who it belongs to. These animals could have been sold as $4,000 each. Help stop this abuse for more info on how to help wild animals and bigcats go to  BE THEIR VOICE!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Cats as Pets

 Wild animals are not pets. The sellers of wild animals say the tigers, ocelots, bears, aligators, etc, are all "tame". No wild animal in the world is tame no matter what any body says every wild animal has the instincts to kill or harm. The question is would the animal want to live in a 6 by 6ft cage or  in the wild with 400 square miles which would the tiger choose? Big cats do not deserve to be in cages for whatever reason. At any moment that animal would snap. Another reason they should not be in cages is people can not fufill the needs that animal needs. The animals are usually used for props or "money makers" and then when they are older they are then killed, abandoned, or are abused as all wild animals are in a cage. Please do not exploit these creatures or have them as pets. As cubs they are taken away from their mothers and don't see them ever again. Do not breed or make pets out of wild animals. Stop the abuse and do not have wild animals as pets. DO NOT support people who have big cats as pets or any wild animal. To help stop the abuse go to BE THEIR VOICE!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

MGM lion attack in Las Vegas

What's happened to Mgm's lions after the attack? Mgm had a lion attack in 2010. See the Video below.

The male lion was taken out but what about the other two? In Vegas they still have lions there and people are still in there cages. This why people should not have lions for show no matter what, they are usually abused, neglected, and bored. Why should people even think that a lion would listen after it has just seen another lion attack. Please stop the abuse.

Why should these lions have to be stuck in cage all there lives and get killed because what they are meant to do in the wild. To help stop the abuse go to These pics were taken 2-20-11.

This is what life is like for these poor animals.

Friday, January 21, 2011

My 18th time at Big Cat Rescue on a feeding tour!!!

I went to big cat rescue on a feeding tour! It was fun to see how all the cats were with food around!
When I was walking in to Big Cat Rescue I then had found my brick that had my name on it! After that I was greeted by one of the hungry  tigers Simba and Nikktia. They seem to go right and their spots to eat their dinner. They were one of the only cats who didn't growl while they ate.
Tonga was extremely happy to his meat.
He began to jump up to get his meal.

Even though we were not going to feed Nikktia the lioness she still watched us very closely. Mostly at the bucket where the food was. Taking only a few moments to look at us.
When we came by Zabu the white tiger and Cameron the lion. Zabu was fine waiting for her meal. But Cameron was upset he didn't get his at that very second. But when his food was ready we had to quickly walk away, because he was very aggresive by growling.

We also saw Canyon the sand cat!

We then saw some pretty interesting cats.

That was my Big Cat Rescue feeding tour!!! For tours and tour times go to