Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big cat rescue's bobcat kittens!

Big Cat Rescue has bobcat kittens! They have had them for a while, but even though these bobcats look cute they are still wild as ever. These little kittens have grown so much!

Their names are Midnight, Rain, and Storm. These kittens came by a hunter in Alabama he came with small bobcat kittens. He went to a vet's office and asked the vet to raise the kittens so he could give them to his children. The vet said yes and searched online to find a new home. She found Big Cat Rescue and gave the kittens to them. Now they are healthy happy and trying to find their way into the wild. Support these kittens and you can help this release into the wild happen. Go to and help these little kittens!

Leopard lives!

How many leopards are left?
Leopards are disapearing from the wild. Did you know that the third most cats bought in the world of 2010 is exotic. And are growing to number one. There only about 30 Amur leopards left in the wild and soon going to be zero. Sciencetist beleve in twenty years their will be no big cats left in the wild. Leopards are 3-6 feet in length. They are solitary in the wild, like most other big cats. Many people mistake clouded leopards and snow leopards as subspecies when they are their own species. The food they eat consists of about 30 difrent species f animals some of them are zebras, gazellas, birds, hares, etc. These cats weigh from 60-150 pounds. These cats are endangered because of hunters wanting their rare coat, and the leopards eating their livestock. They are over hunted and need your help! 
Contact and donate or sponser a cat! Or to find out more on how to save these cats go to And to find more facts on other subspecies of leopards check out my blog and blog updates to see if the species your looking for is here. Save the Leopard!!!