Friday, July 23, 2010

Adopting my third cat!

On my birthday my friend she said  since I love cats and saving them she got me a big cat rescue sponser program. She got me a bobcat. So I was looking around at bobcats to adopt. I read thier stories and I deciced to get a bobcat named Bailey. And yes I have adopted her. And I am looking forward to seeing her at big cat camp at big cat rescue. She is the youngest bobcat at big cat rescue besides the three bobcat kittens. This was on the keeper tour but it is not Bailey. I will give you a pic soon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My 13th time to big cat rescue! On a keeper tour!

 On my birthday I went to big cat rescue. Their I got brick. Not just any brick one with my name carved in it. It will stand on the wall of big cat rescue forever!!! On the tour we made food, toys, and games for the cats. We saw all the cats, many of the cats acted diffrently then they do with all their food around. Some of the food we fed the cats were fish, rats, chincken, meat, and sadly baby chicks. No they are not live. Here is a few pics and videos.

This leopard is eating a bag we made full of chicken, spices, perfume sprays, and cinnamon this is surpprising what the best treat for a big cat.

 The next thing that happened was we met a "pride" the pride is two tigers and two lions. They were found together and never split apart. After a while of smelling food the lioness roared VERY loud!

The other thing we saw was big cat recues rescued white tiger. She did seem to be intrested in the bag but did not want to play with it yet.

We also met a very cute sand cat! His name was Canyon.

He loves chicken!!!

We also met some very nice tigers! Here is one of my favorites Bengalli!!!


Then we saw bobcats and lynxs...
Next we saw some caracals!
That is the end of the tour that was my big cat party!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Clouded leopards

What is a clouded leopard? Many people have not even heard of these animals. They are disappearing from the wild because of their unusaul fur coat. The coat has spots that are said to look like clouds. That is how they got their name. These cats are very good tree climbers, they can climb HUGE trees!!! They are the closest realitive to the sabor tooth tiger. That is because they have some of the biggest teeth compared to head size. They can eat things as huge as a deer. They are one of the most endangered animal on the planet. They are 22-45 pounds. It's other close cousin is the snow leopard. They are found in south eastern Asia. Some of their main food sources are birds, small mammals, deer, etc. Save the Clouded Leopard

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ligers and Tigons? What you don't know.

What is a liger and tigon? A liger and a tigon is a lion and tiger bred togther to form an animal.
They are not real animals. They are man made. They are man made because they are not from the wild. ANY animal that is not from the wild is NOT a real animal. A liger is when a lion and tiger breed and give birth to a cross between a tiger and lion. Most tigeress or lioness mothers die in childbirth because a liger is bigger than a lion and a tiger cub. Some of the illness that ligers are prone to are gigantism (and will aways grow throughout their life), depression, early death, cancer, arthritis, and many others. One of the biggest ones is depression because of the instincts of lions and tigers combined. And when they get to big for the zoos they sometimes kill or dispose of them. As cubs most die because they are not as strong as other normal tiger or lion cubs are. Ligers need many differnt care and nutrients then most Exotic animals, that most zoos don't meet. And most zoos say they breed them for conservation or help the ones in the wild this is a lie because if it does not exsist in the wild how is breeding them useful. Ligers are used for money purposes only and to see something strange. They are mainly bred by roadside zoos, circus, or unccrediated zoos because AZA rules are that these animals are kept seperate. This breeding is therefore cruelity. Most zoos say that they didn't mean for it to happen but these are lies mainly beacuse the difficulty breeding these animals. Lion and Tigers instincts tell them not to breed anyway. Breeders do not care what happens to any of the animals because they are " money makers ". Female Ligers can't get them self pregnant so again it is not a real animal . Many people also say that they are studing them because of a liger's genitics when this is untrue because scientist are not breeding them the zoos are.

These animals shouldn't even need saving because they are not a real animals. Stop the abuse DO NOT GO TO PLACES THAT HAVE LIGERS OR TIGONS OR DO NOT SUPPORT BREEDERES WHO BREED THEM!!! To find out more go to and to find out about exotic animal exibits go to