Thursday, December 30, 2010

Paw Paintings!

For Chrismas I got the best gift. I got a paw painting. A paw painting is a painting made by big cats. At big cat rescue they put nontoxic paint on a canvas and then let the big cats play with them they also put perfume sprays and other scents on it so the cats are more intrested my paw painting was created by a bobcat named Levi!

Bobcat sighting!!!

While I was at home my dad says he's found a bobcat and when I look outside in my backyard a huge bobcat appears. I looked outside and the bobcat  looks at me and looks back at the bird he has been stalking. Even though I wanted to go outside I still looked through my glass door. If you do find a wild animal outside your house do not feed or mess with the animal remember it is still wild. This is not the bobcat but this is Big Cat Rescue's bobcat Levi. Bobcats are small compared to other animals but they are still dangerous.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Help Save Tony the Truck Stop Tiger!

Tony the truck stop tiger is in danger! Tony is a 10 year old tiger that needs help. He is stuck as a road side attraction and is in grave danger! Tony is watched 24/7. He can't be rescued with out your help! He is continuously watched, abused, and harassed. He can't even breath properly with all the gas fumes. He is strickly used for money. He needs medical attention. A tiger can live more than 20 years old being ten and not healthy he might not make it to 20. Tony needs are help he can not be bought over state lines. And since Big Cat Rescue is in Florida they can not rescue him, help save Tony by going to: Help create the awareness on Tony!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big cat rescue's bobcat kittens!

Big Cat Rescue has bobcat kittens! They have had them for a while, but even though these bobcats look cute they are still wild as ever. These little kittens have grown so much!

Their names are Midnight, Rain, and Storm. These kittens came by a hunter in Alabama he came with small bobcat kittens. He went to a vet's office and asked the vet to raise the kittens so he could give them to his children. The vet said yes and searched online to find a new home. She found Big Cat Rescue and gave the kittens to them. Now they are healthy happy and trying to find their way into the wild. Support these kittens and you can help this release into the wild happen. Go to and help these little kittens!

Leopard lives!

How many leopards are left?
Leopards are disapearing from the wild. Did you know that the third most cats bought in the world of 2010 is exotic. And are growing to number one. There only about 30 Amur leopards left in the wild and soon going to be zero. Sciencetist beleve in twenty years their will be no big cats left in the wild. Leopards are 3-6 feet in length. They are solitary in the wild, like most other big cats. Many people mistake clouded leopards and snow leopards as subspecies when they are their own species. The food they eat consists of about 30 difrent species f animals some of them are zebras, gazellas, birds, hares, etc. These cats weigh from 60-150 pounds. These cats are endangered because of hunters wanting their rare coat, and the leopards eating their livestock. They are over hunted and need your help! 
Contact and donate or sponser a cat! Or to find out more on how to save these cats go to And to find more facts on other subspecies of leopards check out my blog and blog updates to see if the species your looking for is here. Save the Leopard!!!                       

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My big cat rescue summer camp!!!

I had the best time at big cat rescue's summer camp!!!Once we got there we heard all sorts of big cat noises like growls, roars, and more.Starting with Joseph the lion roaring...

Next we heard Simba do a leopard roar...
Then we heard one of the only white servals in the world Tonga meow...
Lastly we heard a ocelot growl with happiness... 
We also saw Enya here is a pics of her...
Then we saw Bailey the bobcat...
We also saw some cool tigers!!!
We also saw a pretty angry serval!
Next we saw caracals!
We then saw leopards!
Lastly I saw a happy bobcat... and some other bigcats!
 Thay was my big cat camp at big cat rescue!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Adopting my third cat!

On my birthday my friend she said  since I love cats and saving them she got me a big cat rescue sponser program. She got me a bobcat. So I was looking around at bobcats to adopt. I read thier stories and I deciced to get a bobcat named Bailey. And yes I have adopted her. And I am looking forward to seeing her at big cat camp at big cat rescue. She is the youngest bobcat at big cat rescue besides the three bobcat kittens. This was on the keeper tour but it is not Bailey. I will give you a pic soon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My 13th time to big cat rescue! On a keeper tour!

 On my birthday I went to big cat rescue. Their I got brick. Not just any brick one with my name carved in it. It will stand on the wall of big cat rescue forever!!! On the tour we made food, toys, and games for the cats. We saw all the cats, many of the cats acted diffrently then they do with all their food around. Some of the food we fed the cats were fish, rats, chincken, meat, and sadly baby chicks. No they are not live. Here is a few pics and videos.

This leopard is eating a bag we made full of chicken, spices, perfume sprays, and cinnamon this is surpprising what the best treat for a big cat.

 The next thing that happened was we met a "pride" the pride is two tigers and two lions. They were found together and never split apart. After a while of smelling food the lioness roared VERY loud!

The other thing we saw was big cat recues rescued white tiger. She did seem to be intrested in the bag but did not want to play with it yet.

We also met a very cute sand cat! His name was Canyon.

He loves chicken!!!

We also met some very nice tigers! Here is one of my favorites Bengalli!!!


Then we saw bobcats and lynxs...
Next we saw some caracals!
That is the end of the tour that was my big cat party!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Clouded leopards

What is a clouded leopard? Many people have not even heard of these animals. They are disappearing from the wild because of their unusaul fur coat. The coat has spots that are said to look like clouds. That is how they got their name. These cats are very good tree climbers, they can climb HUGE trees!!! They are the closest realitive to the sabor tooth tiger. That is because they have some of the biggest teeth compared to head size. They can eat things as huge as a deer. They are one of the most endangered animal on the planet. They are 22-45 pounds. It's other close cousin is the snow leopard. They are found in south eastern Asia. Some of their main food sources are birds, small mammals, deer, etc. Save the Clouded Leopard

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ligers and Tigons? What you don't know.

What is a liger and tigon? A liger and a tigon is a lion and tiger bred togther to form an animal.
They are not real animals. They are man made. They are man made because they are not from the wild. ANY animal that is not from the wild is NOT a real animal. A liger is when a lion and tiger breed and give birth to a cross between a tiger and lion. Most tigeress or lioness mothers die in childbirth because a liger is bigger than a lion and a tiger cub. Some of the illness that ligers are prone to are gigantism (and will aways grow throughout their life), depression, early death, cancer, arthritis, and many others. One of the biggest ones is depression because of the instincts of lions and tigers combined. And when they get to big for the zoos they sometimes kill or dispose of them. As cubs most die because they are not as strong as other normal tiger or lion cubs are. Ligers need many differnt care and nutrients then most Exotic animals, that most zoos don't meet. And most zoos say they breed them for conservation or help the ones in the wild this is a lie because if it does not exsist in the wild how is breeding them useful. Ligers are used for money purposes only and to see something strange. They are mainly bred by roadside zoos, circus, or unccrediated zoos because AZA rules are that these animals are kept seperate. This breeding is therefore cruelity. Most zoos say that they didn't mean for it to happen but these are lies mainly beacuse the difficulty breeding these animals. Lion and Tigers instincts tell them not to breed anyway. Breeders do not care what happens to any of the animals because they are " money makers ". Female Ligers can't get them self pregnant so again it is not a real animal . Many people also say that they are studing them because of a liger's genitics when this is untrue because scientist are not breeding them the zoos are.

These animals shouldn't even need saving because they are not a real animals. Stop the abuse DO NOT GO TO PLACES THAT HAVE LIGERS OR TIGONS OR DO NOT SUPPORT BREEDERES WHO BREED THEM!!! To find out more go to and to find out about exotic animal exibits go to


Monday, June 28, 2010


What are cougars? Cougars are big powerful big cats, like all other big cats. They have long tails so they are balaenced when they are running. They are pure brown not like all other cats. With white bellies. They are Florida's state mammal. They main diet is deer, mice, coyotes, hares, etc. They are 50 to 110 inches in length and weigh from 75-250 pounds.They live in South America and the western and have been seen in the easter parts of the United States. And yet one of the worlds endangered animals. They are also very good mothers to their cubs, but their cubs look very diffrent than adult cougars.  They have spots and big blue eyes. They are very small. They are endangered because of their rare fur coat, being a pest, and people wanting them as pets. They mostly eat huge deer and other big animals. And one thing is they need your help, do not support people who have cogars as pets.
Save the Cougar!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Adopting my second big cat!


I'm adopting another big cat. Her name is Enya (she's not the one in the picture). She is a lot smaller and a little lighter brown. She is kind. I will tell you more about cogars next time. Enya came to big cat rescue by she was part of the bad pet trade. She was taken away from her mother when she was a small cub. She was rescued and nursed back to help. I will be adopting her and supporting her, I will give pictures of her as soon as I can.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


What is an ocelot? An ocelot is a small rare big cat. They are found in jungle areas. They are some of the only cats that enjoy going in to water. They hunt small animals like birds. They are very good climbers.They are 16-20 inches tall and weigh 17-24 pounds. They live in South America and in some parts of Mexico. Their food sources of the ocelots are deer, rats, etc. These cats can be very aggresive and can hurt people in seconds.

 These ocelots are said to be "great" pets no big cat is a good pet they are very dangerous. People who sell these cats are breeders and are horrible, they abuse and sell these cats for money purposes only and do not care where these cats end up, they only care of the money they recieve. You might think it will be so hard to buy a big cat it is not very hard and it is a horrible process. Even if you are looking for facts on ocelots online breeders would say buying ocelots would could help the species it untrue. Even on simple farms they sell these cats, and many of the breeders lie and make it look like they are "great pets". This is a prime example of what most ocelots for sale are like. The breeders who breed the cats usually never have these pets. Like all other big cats as pets they become territorial and spray everything and will never be litter box trained like a domestic. And it is not like you can clean the urine they will always keep urinating there will become very dangerous and protective over it. And the breeders only show them as cubs, but they will grow older and more and more wild. 

  They are one of the only cats with spots and stripes. That is why they are endangered they are hunted because of their spots and stripes. It may take twenty little ocelots to make one fur coat for a person. Their fur color is yellow, black, and brown. They have very small ears, and long wiskers. These cats are in DANGER! Many people want them as PETS, stop the pet trade and sale. They can't say if they need your help. Stop the abuse going on with them.
BE THEIR VOICE!!! To help stop the cause go to And to find out more why Ocelots and other exotic animals go to

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


What is a bobcat? A bobcat is a small big cat. They look a lot like a lynx. They are named bobcat because of their short bobbed tail. They areabout 20 inches long and weigh 10-30 pounds. They are solitary animals and live in North America. They are said to be "good" pets (big cats are really bad pets). They can be cute when they are a kitten or kit. They soon become huge meat eating predators. They can take down prey as large as a full grown deer in lees than five minutes. They might be small, but do not mistake them for their huge bite. They have spots on their belly and rest of body. Then they have black and brown on the rest of their body. Even they can eat big meals they chose to have small prey like rats, birds, rabbits, and other small animals.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


What are caracals? Caracals are small little big cats. But don't trust them for their small size. They can take down huge animals. They have HUGE teeth for their small body. They can give fatal bites. They are very close to the lynx and bobcat. Their coat is diffrent than other big cats. They have a pure coat they are pure brown. Their are only two other cats with a pure coat that is the lion and the cogar (montain lion). They have dark black ears with tiny little tips of black fur on the edge. They are found around Africa. They eat birds, rabbits, and more. They can jump up to 7ft high.
They are becoming extinct. They are caught and sold as pets.
They need help. Please save them do not support people who have them as pets. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Are White Tigers REAL?

The big question is are white tigers real? The anwers is... NO!!! Zoos often say
that the Royal white bengal Tiger is a tiger that is endangered when the white tiger is not even it's own subspecies. They are man made. They are not real because they are not from the wild. People make a brother and a sister, a father and daughter or son and mother breed which makes a double recessive gene. Most of them come out with deformities and do not look good. So the tigers that look bad or "ugly" these cats are never seen because they are strange and therefore zoos KILL them. It all started with one white tiger found in India it was a male cub they called Mohan, people were stunned and wanted more. In the wild the mother would kill any of the white tiger cubs because they could not blend in and be unable to feed her and her other cubs. So Mohan was bred with many other tigers none were white so he was bred with one of his daughters that was from his other litters and a litter of white tigers was born. And any normal tiger would prevent these cats from being born any way. It is cruel and abusive to let any animal to have so many babies and to have the stress of living in a cage. But there are no breaks for these cats because society wanting to see more. This inbreeding causes many problems like mental inpairments, immune deficiency, scoliosis, cleft palet, and even Death. Every white tiger is crossed eyed whether visible or not because their optic nerve is on the wrong side of the brain. The tigers that are born orange are often sold to canned hunts, exotic pet owners, or other places that continue to abuse these cats. It may take 80 "bad" white tigers to get one that looks good. Zoos often lie so you will pay more money for a cute animal that is going through abuse every day. These zoos use these cats for profit or money purposes and lie to get you to come and pet a cute white tiger cub or see an adult one. And when they are to big enough, so they can't to be pet by the public, then they often discarded. To learn more go to can't speak, but you can speak for them. BE THEIR VOICE! Please stop going to places that continue to breed these cats. And to find out more why big cat and other exotic animal exibits are wrong go to