Friday, June 5, 2009

Adopting my first big cat

When I did my first tour at Big Cat Rescue, I did a club with my friends. We raised money to sponsor or adopt a snow leopard named Cloe!!! We raised money by selling jewelry that  we made. We were all talking about what big cat to get. We all came to school bring photo after photo of big cats to get. It took a while until I brought facts on snow leopards and a photo of one called Cloe. We all decided I had made a great choice on a cat. We adopted her and went to big cat rescue to see her and learn about her. We found out that she is shy and very sweet, but they said not sweet enough to climb in her cage. When you adopt a cat at BCR you DO NOT have any contact with them, becauseeven if they look like they wouldn't harm you they are wild animals and unpredictable. BE THEIR VOICE AND GO TO or